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Building the Michigan dream today

Gretchen is building a dream of vibrant communities, world-class public schools, and Michigan businesses offering great jobs to Michigan talent

Tackling local and state wide issues

Gretchen believes in giving a voice to all the people of Michigan with a focus on education, working families, and our natural resources.


As the grand-daughter and daughter of Navy Veterans, Gretchen Driskell grew up learning that we have an obligation to give back to our community and that the most valuable things in life are always worth standing up for. These lessons are what’s driven Gretchen to spend her life working for family and community – and it’s why she’s running for Congress…

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    As mayor, Gretchen worked with both parties to balance the budget 14 years in a row. Gretchen Driskell will bring that discipline to bring Washington to protect our tax dollars.
    But career politician Tim Walberg only protects his donors. He took insurance and drug company money and voted to let them deny protections for pre-existing conditions and charge older Americans up to five times more than everyone else.
    The bottom line? After 30 years, Tim Walberg only looks out for his campaign cash, not you.